Breastfeeding Preparation

Breast milk is the ultimate Eat Real Food. Uniquely designed for your baby; providing the right nutrition for the age of your baby and including antibodies produced in respone to enviromental viruses and bacteria.

Providing lifelong benefits for mothers and babies, it is important that mothers are informed during pregnancy about breastfeeding and more importantly given the support and tools to succeed if they wish to do so.

90% of new mothers who stop breastfeeding at six weeks, do so prematurely, usually due to lack of support.

There is also the notion that you either breastfeed or give formula as two seperate options. However, when supported mothers  can successfuly mix feed with a combination of breast milk and formula. They just need to know how breastmilk is produced and how to protect the supply they wish to maintain to run alongside formula if they choose to mix feed.

Preparing to breastfeed

In the same way we can prepare for pregnancy, if you would like to breastfeed it is a great idea for you and your partner to learn more about it. 

Sometimes breastfeeding is straightforward and mum and baby quickly learn what they need to do. Sometimes though that bit of extra knowledge and knowing where to access support will be very useful, especially in those early days.

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