Food swaps


Bread Swaps

Big field mushrooms in place of toast with scrambled egg

Omlettes which can be used as a wrap

Sliced cold meat to wrap a filling

Gem Lettuce as wraps or tortillas

Low carb Bread made with  ground almonds/cocont flour/linseed - see our recipie section



Rice Swaps

Cauliflower Rice

Brocoli Rice

Swede Rice 

Konjac Rice 




Pasta & Noodle Swaps

Boodles - Butter nut squash spiralised - can buy or make

Courgetti - spiralised courgette

Carroti - spiralised carrots

Shredded cabbage

Sliced aubergine/courgette in lasagne/mousakka

Konjac noodles or pasta

You can buy pasta made fromgreen pea flower (24% carb), red lentil flour (24% carb) or edamame bean flower (13% carb)- these are higher in carbohydates then konjac and vegetables but if you are not diabetic you may be able to tolerate these in small volumes a few times a week


Potato Swaps

Butternut Squash


Cauliflower mashed - with butter, salt & pepper is delicious




You may be able to have a few small new potatoes and find these don't cause your blood sugar to jump. Even better cook them, cool them and either reheat or eat cold in a salad. this increases the resistance starch and lowers the sugar spike.